74 minutes

Show Contents:
0:00 Introduction
3:27 Know Your Enemy: Jolie Featherstone from Toronto Film Files
19:14 The New Slang: A GHOST STORY
56:12 The Other Side: Jolie and Ryan discuss further reading after A GHOST STORY

Thoughts from your host…


Now and then, I do ask myself why it is I choose to write and podcast about film. While the guests I gather will usually lead me in a different direction, how much more can I have to say about a film that I don’t cover in a written reaction.

Judging by this episode? The answer is “lots”.

A little more than a week ago, when I first tried to wrap my thoughts around A GHOST STORY, I locked myself into a dim room and spoke with my heart. Now, when opportunity came again to discuss David Lowery’s indie gem, I sat down in a bright cafe, invited a witty and enchanting friend along, and spoke with my heart.

That’s the benefit of considering a piece of art a few times, and taking others thoughts into consideration. It allows me to balance my head an my heart. I owe this week’s guest a special debt of thanks for that – and for nudging me towards the film in the first place.


Thanks for tuning into episode one-hundred-eighty-two.


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