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Show Contents:
0:00 Intro
3:55 Know Your Enemy with guest Meagan Clayton
18:57 The New Slang: WONDER WOMAN
51:56 The Other Side: Selections for further reading in honour of our feature film

Thoughts from your host…


Now and then I try to get some new blood into the show. Sometimes it’s been co-workers, other times family members. Friends-of-friends have dropped by, and likewise people I have only known as avatars.

In-the-moment, the results feel like that moment at a party when you discover someone you don’t know THAT well likes something you do. Listening back to these episodes, the results come with a specific joyful energy to them. Many of these guests aren’t the sort who feel the need to make their every last thought and whim about film known, so in a way, I get to coax out of them conversations they don’t have sixteen times over (the way I do).

Just such a person is at the centre of this episode, and I’m honoured she accepted my invite to drop by and talk all things Diana Prince.

Now I’m left thinking both that this guest should get herself behind a mic more often, and that I should look for guests of her ilk more often…or even find something to record about that’s more all-encompassing, and could bring such people on more often!

So – do enjoy one more conversation about the highest-profile superhero of the summer, and tell me if you can hear the joy we get from freshly-baked cookies.




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