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0:00 Intro
4:30 Know Your Enemy: Andrew Robinson of The Unnamed Movie Podcast
23:10 The New Slang: OUT OF SIGHT
47:11 The Other Side I: THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR


Thoughts from your host…


Hey gang. Been a while. How’s things? How’s the family?


You might have noticed that I went and took myself a little unscheduled break; three whole weeks of no writing and no recording. I found myself a bit busy – soaking up a little bit more of what life has to offer outside of the cinema. In a perfect world, I might have made mention of my little sabbatical…or even covered the gap with some sort of bonus material.

…but sometimes, you just need to take off for a while without leaving a note.

So while I’m sorry that I ducked out on you fine folks that have helped make this space something special to me for nearly ten years now, I do return to it without regret. I even return to it, knowing that there will be one more short break coming!

Taking a breather and taking in what life has to offer are important things, dear listeners. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

As for getting the podcast back up-and-running, I can’t think of a better way to do so than with the pure joy that comes with my Birthday Episode, talk of an all-time-favorite film, and the company of a great friend.

Someone mentioned to me today that there’s a certain joy in my voice when I talk about things that I love…and if that’s true, prepare yourself for seventy-six minutes of certain joy.

Thanks for sticking around, and thanks tuning into episode one-hundred-seventy-seven.


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