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0:00 Intro
4:11 Know Your Enemy with guest Carolyn Mauricette from Rosemary’s Pixie.
19:39 The New Slang: COLOSSAL
40:26 Spoilers! Talk of the turn of events in COLOSSAL

Thoughts from your host…

So many dark clouds come with a silver lining.

Just a few weeks ago, I had a podcast episode get riddled with technical difficulties. Nothing that’s ever happened to the show before or since, just gremlins in the works.

The dark cloud was a “less than perfect” episode of the podcast that was published with a first time guest.

But then there was the silver lining:

A reunion of guest and host on a perfect spring afternoon over bacon, eggs, and french toast. A nudge towards a springtime release that might otherwise have been lost in the shuffle. A wonderful conversation, that otherwise might have been many more months or even years in the making.

Bascially, from the ashes of one of my least favorite episode in a long time, comes one of my most favorite in a long time.

Silver linings.


Carolyn’s Answers for Know Your Enemy, Round One:

The First Film She Saw in a Theatre: THE APPLE DUMPLING GANG

The Last Film She’d Watched: THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN

The Worst Film She’d Seen: NURSE 3-D

The Unseen Classic/Essential: EASY RIDER

The Film She Wishes She’d Made: David Cronenberg’s CRASH


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Blood in The Snow Film Festival


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