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0:00 Intro
4:11 Know Your Enemy with guest Alex Withrow from And So It Begins.
19:36 The New Slang: SONG TO SONG
51:47 The Other Side: Selections for further reading in honour of our feature film

Thoughts from your host…


Confession: For about a year or so, I had mentally circled this episode for THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS.

As you may or may not know, I have never watched a FAST film…and for about a year or so, I had dabbled with the idea of catching-up on the entire franchise. I had thoughts of spending time on each film, seeing what y’all were so enamoured with, and creating some form of content around it. It might have been a series of posts, might have even been a podcast miniseries.

But even if it was just watching the films alone, and then making FATE OF THE FURIOUS my first theatrical experience…I figured this would be an episode where I talked about action sequences.

But here I am instead, doing what I usually do, dedicating an episode to a smaller seen arty film that has ups and downs and is difficult to classify as “good” or “bad”.

I’m good with that. I like bringing people on to pick apart something small in the hopes that even if you fine folks don’t listen to it now, perhaps you eventually will. Because I may not know much, but I know this; Much as I enjoy my blockbusters, there’s precious little to say about them two weeks after their release.

The films my guests are good enough to spend time with me picking apart? They’re the sort of things that merit further consideration…for better or for worse.

Thanks for continuing to be a part of it in the face of flights, fights, tights, and furious nights.


Thanks for tuning into episode one-hundred-seventy-five.


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Alex’s new film, WAIT


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