124 minutes

Up for Discussion

1. Introduction with Ariel Fisher and Bob Barrow

– Our Top Five of 2016 –

124 minutes

Up for Discussion

1. Introduction with Ariel Fisher and Bob Barrow
2. THE FIVES (5:22)
3. THE FOURS (21:48)
4. THE THREES (52:43)
5. THE TWOS (1:20:42)
6. Past Guests Return with Their Top Picks (1:40:43)
7. THE ONES (1:43:41)


(0:00) “Lazarus” by David Bowie
(5:51) “The Wheel” by P.J. Harvey
(11:17) “Ain’t No Man” by The Avett Brothers
(14:34) “Orange Flower” by Angelica Garcia
(18:34) “All We Ever Knew” by The Head and The Heart
(21:52) “Solemn Oath” by Band of Horses
(25:40) “33 God” by Bon Iver
(28:55) “Joe’s Dream” by Bat for Lashes
(33:55) “Chapter 8” by Cornelius
(36:42) “Wow” by Beck
(39:55) “EVP” by Blood Orange
(45:19) “We Should Be Friends” by Miranda Lambert
(47:52) “Simple Song” by The Southern Family
(51:35) “Kill Your Mama” by Alicia Keys
(54:02) “Blessings” by Chance the Rapper
(57:32) “Redbone” by Childish Gambino
(1:02:51) “The Season | Carry Me” by anderson. paak
(1:08:10) “One Dance” by Drake
(1:11:02) “Fade” by Kanye West
(1:13:37) “untitled 02” by Kendrick Lamar
(1:17:39) “Freedom” by Beyonce
(1:21:53) “Ain’t It a Sin” by Charles Bradley
(1:25:26) “One” by Esperanza Spalding
(1:28:16) “My House” by Flo Rida
(1:21:31) “Can’t Stop the Feelin'” by Justin Timberlake
(1:35:07) “Girlfriend” by NAO
(1:38:39) “Glowed Up” by Kaytranada
(1:40:43) “Burn the Witch” by Radiohead
(1:43:22) “Drive It Like You Stole It” by Sing Street
(1:46:42) “Ordinary “World” by Green Day
(1:49:08) “Your Best American Girl” by Mitski
(1:52:32) “What You Do to Me” by John Legend
(1:55:47) “All the Ways Love Can Feel” by Maxwell
(2:01:06) “Ritual Spirit” by Massive Attack
(2:04:55) “Starboy” by The Weeknd
(2:08:33) “f.o.r.e.v.e.r” by James Blake
(2:11:11) “Godspeed” by Frank Ocean

Thoughts from your host…

No. When I recorded Episode 167 back in early November I did not envision it being the last review episode of the year. I had plans to talk about LION, LA LA LAND, JACKIE, and so many more movies that make the final weeks of the year so wonderful.

But life had other plans for me.

By now, you are all likely quite well acquainted with my family matters (and if you’re not, go here). All I’ll say right now is that the last several weeks have gone a long way towards reminding me why I enjoy doing these shows so much. If nothing else, I get a small thrill from leaving my mark on the world, no matter how tiny a mark that might be. What’s more, I love spending a few hours with my guests.

We’re talking about movies, but really – we’re talking about them

So let’s turn off the lights on 2016…but before we do, let me offer this.

Time and again, I have heard people cry about how much this year has sucked…how much spirit it has drained…how many great things it has taken. To that, I offer this: all of those great things are temporary. They need to be appreciated for what they are while they are.

Great leadership, great artists, even dearly loved friends and family? It’s all fleeting. We cannot be angry at time for taking them from us, just as we cannot be angry at the tide for ebbing back.

Smell the flowers while you can, and here’s to better days ahead.


As usual, if you’re curious about the songs used as bed music, the track list can be found above in the show notes.

As mentioned within the introduction, if you find the bed music distracting, a music-free version of this episode can be found here.

Thanks for tuning in to episode one-hundred-sixty-eight, and all the best for the new year…


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