72 minutes

Show Contents:
0:00 Introduction
4:09 Know Your Enemy: Petula Neale from In a TIFF
17:07 The New Slang: STAR TREK BEYOND
44:29 The Other Side I: ALIENS
56:17 The Other Side II: THE GREAT ESCAPE

Thoughts from your host…



Back in the late winter, I was lucky enough two badass women from two badass podcasts on back-to-back episodes of this show. In both cases, the episodes were somewhat short-notice, and these women were kind enough to help a brother out. So, in both cases, I made sure to repay them by giving them their pick of the litter where future episodes were concerned.

It just so happened, they picked back-to-back episodes. Fitting.

So, once again, I am a lucky podcaster to have such great friends, and a lucky man to have such incredible women to listen to in the hopes of getting better perspective on the world, our lives, and of course, the joy that is filmgoing.

One more technical note about today’s show – as I mention this in this episode’s introduction, I’ve used different software to cut together the last two episodes. This time, it’s an episode recorded in-house, meaning the result might be different from last week. So, again, if things sound a little better or worse, I would certainly like to know.


Thanks for tuning into episode one-hundred-sixty-two.


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