88 minutes

Show Contents:
0:00 Introduction
5:11 Know Your Enemy: Jess Rogers from Reel Insight
22:13 The New Slang: GHOSTBUSTERS
54:55 The Other Side I: SPY
1:10:23 The Other Side II: GHOSTBUSTERS 2

Thoughts from your host…


Just one episode ago, I griped in the show notes about how there had been so little at the movies to talk about this summer. Two weeks later, and I suddenly seem to be drowning in options.

One sorta wishes the studios would space these things out a bit better, but here we are.

Not only is there so very much to talk about with the many movies we suddenly find ourselves surrounded with, but there is so very much to talk about with this one movie. So, on message alone, this was an episode destined to run a little long…what with legacy to discuss, and feminism, and…y’know…whether or not the movie is any good. Looking beyond those points of discussion, today I get to rap with one of my favorite guests and bestest friends.

So again – a little long.


One little technical note about today’s show – I’m used different software to cut together today’s episode so if things sound a little better or worse, I would certainly like to know.


Thanks for tuning into episode one-hundred-sixty-one.


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