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Show Contents:
0:00 Introduction
2:38 Know Your Enemy: Dave Voigt from In The Seats
18:00 The New Slang: THE NEON DEMON
50:58 The Other Side pt i: EVENT HORIZON
1:03:26 The Other Side pt ii: EYES WIDE SHUT

Thoughts from your host…



The bad news is that an entire month went by without any films jumping out at me as something that warranted conversation. There’s a bit of that that’s on me since I could have looked a little harder, but by and large I’m hanging that one on the studios for this slog of a summer they have made us endure.

I mean, really…what’s a guy gotta do for an OBVIOUS CHILD right around now…or a BEFORE MIDNIGHT?

However, into this abyss, we eventually discover a film so polarizing, so abstract, that we could have dedicated two whole episodes to it and still not tick off all the boxes. While my feelings on it are deeply mixed, I have to appreciate it for at the very least giving me something to talk about in these badlands of filmgoing we currently find ourselves wandering.

A quick technical note; with this episode being recorded during a truly beautiful long weekend, I couldn’t resist the urge to once again sit outside. However, the afternoon got a little breezier than I realized. So while I must apologize for the wind whistling past the microphone on more than one occasion in this episode, I don’t think the end result is inaudible…

…but I’ve been wrong before.


Thanks for tuning into episode one-hundred-sixty.


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