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0:00 Introduction
3:32 Know Your Enemy: Rebecca Sharp from Almost Ginger
21:50 The New Slang: ALMOST FAMOUS
53:18 The Other Side pt i: SCHOOL OF ROCK
1:06:41 The Other Side pt ii: TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD

Thoughts from your host…



As the calendar turns to June, I try to surround myself with tokens of joy. I get outside more often, see people I care about. In recent years I have even gotten out-of-town and done some exploring. Basically, I try to mark turning another year older with as much positive energy as possible.

However, once upon a time “positive energy” was disrupted by discussion of such soul-sucking offerings as GET HIM TO THE GREEK and the fourth PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN film. So time came to turn eyes towards the all time favorites of your humble host…

…and this year we have finally arrived at the all-timiest of them all.

When I reached out to today’s guest, I had visions of enthusiasm and energy, and I’m pretty pleased to see my visions come true.

So pull up a chair, step out on to my balcony, and listen in on a transatlantic discussion of Cameron Crowe’s opus.


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