67 minutes

Show Contents:
0:00 Introduction
3:33 Know Your Enemy: Corey Pierce from The Soundtrack of Your Life Podcast
19:17 The New Slang: THE NICE GUYS
52:57 The Other Side pt i: L.A. CONFIDENTIAL
1:05:55 The Other Side pt ii: LETHAL WEAPON

Thoughts from your host…


Welcome back to wherever you are. These little breaks that I take with the show are becoming a lot longer and a lot more frequent…but what can I say, sometimes one needs a bit of time to properly soak-up a film festival and then return talking about something new.

If you’ve stuck with me, I’m deeply grateful.

When I look back on this episode, I can’t help but wish I’d kept the subject matter in my hip pocket until my inevitable trip to Los Angeles, since the episode became so California-centric.

At the very least, perhaps its apropos that we’re talking about films set somewhere so sunny on a weekend where summer finally arrived in my hometown.


Thanks for tuning into episode one-hundred-fifty-eight.


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