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0:00 Introduction
5:10 Know Your Enemy: Petula Neale
21:11 The New Slang: THE WITCH
47:02 The Other Side: Various descendants and influencers of THE WITCH


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The snowman Cineplex ad that makes P cry every time.

Thoughts from your host…



In case you missed it, just last week I wandered on down a mere few blocks from my office and sat in on a nifty podcast that records from a cool little studio set-up in a local bar. To say I had fun recording with Jai and Petula would be putting it mildly. What better use of a Tuesday night is there than discussing what makes a great chili and why there are only three films that can realistically win Best Picture?

To complete the circle, P dropped by my show this week…and I think the results actually speak for themselves!

Once again, we’re cranking out an episode on short-rest. This means that The Other Side is a bit more haphazard than it usually is. However, I sorta like the loose discussion that it fosters. It’s not really my first choice, but I do believe that for future episodes where my guest and I need to record, watch, and post all in one weekend, this might be the format we run with.

Plenty to get to today, including strangers having gender confusion around Petula, sexually-charged nuns, and how I want to die.


Thanks for tuning into episode one-hundred-fifty-three.


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