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0:00 Introduction
2:44 Know Your Enemy: Nick Prigge
16:19 The New Slang: SPOTLIGHT
47:48 The Other Side I: THE INSIDER
1:02:34 The Other Side II: THE HUNT


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There have been many times in my life as a cinephile where I have taken great pride in arguing the in’s and out’s of a particular film with a worthy opponent. Many a time, the knives have been drawn and the gauntlets thrown for an evening of antagonism and animosity.

There have been just as many times where I want to find a like-minded friend and delight in a particularly worthy offering. To consume many drinks and go over something bit-by-bit in a “Did you see that???” fashion.

Today is one of those days. Time for me to gather with an old friend and bask in the glow of an awesome piece of cinema. Hope y’all don’t mind us waxing on for an hour or so.


Links Mentioned During The Show:

Jesse Eisenberg’s Honest Film Review

Matt Zoller Seitz’s well-considered respose


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