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0:00 Introduction
2:36 Know Your Enemy: Hillary Butler
14:55 The New Slang: ROOM
40:38 The Other Side I: SHORT TERM 12
51:06 The Other Side II: MOMMY


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Even though this show adheres to a pretty rigorous format, there’s a lot of latitude for things to change from show to show.

Sometimes, we’ll find ourselves getting deep into the technical nuts and bolts of a piece of filmmaking…breaking it all the way down to its chemical components in discussing what does and doesn’t make it work. Other times, we find ourselves digressing quite a bit and bringing the conversation back to ourselves.

This episode is more of the latter.

On this blustery Friday night, my guest and I got into everything from paternal relationships, to earliest memories, to what makes adolescent actors succeed and fail. I’d wager that if you listened to other podcasts do their discussions of this movie, you’d likely hear discussion that focuses a little more on technique…but perhaps not one as personable.

Like I said: latitude.

Also, I mention as much in the introduction of the film up for review, but Hillary and I get into a detail that happens halfway through the film that some might consider a spoiler. So while this show generally stays spoiler-free, consider yourself warned for this episode.

Finally – a glimpse at the silent auditor of this episode:


A different sort of #Matineecast guest than I’m accustomed to. Thanks for being so well behaved Lola! #dogsofinstagram

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