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0:00 Introduction: Ariel Fisher & Corey Atad

3:23 The Not So New Slang: BACK TO THE FUTURE

46:06 The Slightly More New Slang: BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 & 3


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There was just no damned way I could let this date pass without marking it on-mic.

The film that gives this date its infamy is such a huge part of my filmgoing past (as I’ll explain on the show). It’s a date that has a certain lore in the pop culture sensibilities of an entire generation. Plus, if nothing else, it finally gave me an excuse to talk about one of the best film trilogies of all-time.

Of course, such a momentous occasion couldn’t come down to just one guest. We wouldn’t nearly be able to do the topic justice. So instead, I put out the call to some longtime friends of the show and a quorum was assembled to talk all things Zemeckis, DeLorean, Hill Valley, ’55, ’85, ’15, Stoltz, Fox, Shue, and Brown.

So pour yourself a Pepsi Free and pop in your Van Halen cassettes…”the future” has finally arrived.

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Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly

Also, Ariel’s response to my invitation via text:



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