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0:00 Introduction
2:37 Know Your Enemy: Dan Gorman
15:13 The New Slang: SICARIO
54:15 The Other Side II: THE COUNSELOR
1:06:47 Further Down the Spiral


Thoughts from your host…



It’s good to be back.

I mean, the TIFF dispatches were an awesome way to get back in the swing of things and all, but it’s great to get back to the full show with a full discussion and all the the trimmings.

What’s more, I actually owe a great debt of thanks to today’s guest – Mr. Gorman – because he was nice enough to invite me into his home to record even though we’d never actually me face-to-face. That’s true community right there, and certainly going the extra mile to make a fellow podcaster feel special! The result is a conversation I think went amazingly well, and one that you’ll hear almost completely unedited, save for a moment or two when the early morning call got us tangled-up in our words.

Those moments are few and far between though, so it’s sorta giving me a grin right this moment to see what happens when podcasters get together and roll tape.

Thanks for sticking around.


Further Down the Spiral Suggestions:

From Dan… Bloodlines

From Ryan… “The Crossing” by Cormac McCarthy


Thanks for tuning into episode one-hundred-forty-three.


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