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0:00 Introduction
2:13 Know Your Enemy: Erin Thompson and Kelly Zemnickis
13:41 The New Slang: TRAINWRECK
1:04:00 Further Down the Spiral


Thoughts from your host…



What better way to celebrate a clever film by a funny woman who likes a drink, than talking about it with two clever, funny women over drinks? I can’t think of too many better ways to spend a Saturday afternoon! Ordinarily, I’d get my friends over to record in a more studio-like atmosphere, but it’s rare that these two guests and I gather so I felt like celebrating with a table for three. There’s a bit more ambient noise in this episode than usual, but never enough to be too distracting.

Y’know, the thing about bringing in different guests every episode is that I never know what I’m going to get…no matter how recently or how long ago I first met my guests (and I first met today’s guests a long time ago). So where I thought the discussion about the film of the hour would be largely contained to what happened on-screen, instead what I got was a great deal of insight into the lives of two of the best female friends a guy could ask for.

Like I said – one heck of a Saturday afternoon.


Further Down the Spiral Suggestions:

From Kelly… “The Between Boyfriends Book” by Cindy Chupack

From Erin… Episodes Broad City and Girls

From Ryan… Stage shows like “Baggage” and “Meet Cute”


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