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0:00 Special Laczkowski-created Introduction
3:16 Know Your Enemy: Jim Laczkowski
21:09 The New Slang: INSIDE OUT
48:40 The Other Side pt. I: WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE
1:00:41 The Other Side pt. II: THE TRUMAN SHOW
1:15:47 Further Down the Spiral


Thoughts from your host…


Yeah, so remember last episode, when I mentioned my growing love for discussing indie films? Well, it seems like every indie lover needs to go mainstream once in a while. Maybe it’s because even a candy-coloured Pixar offering can serve up a lot to be discussed with a guest as insightful as my companion today. Or maybe it’s because when any film – big or small – brings you to tears, it deserves a conversation.

And you know the way etiquette suggests you bring something for the host when you drop by for dinner or a party? Well my guest today did just that in a podcasting sort of way. I couldn’t wait to share his little gift with you fine folks, so I’ve decided to unleash it in lieu of The White Stripes this time around.

Oh, and before I forget – as mentioned in today’s episode, here’s a link to my appearance on Jim’s show from a few years back when we discussed the films of Michel Gondry on The Director’s Club.


Further Down the Spiral Suggestions:

From Jim… “Why We Love” by Helen E. Fisher

From Ryan… The television shows of your youth

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