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0:00 Introduction
3:06 Know Your Enemy: Ariel Fisher
16:27 The New Slang: SLOW WEST
47:41 The Other Side pt. I: TRUE GRIT (2010)
1:00:10 The Other Side pt. II: MILLER’S CROSSING
1:17:55 Further Down the Spiral


Thoughts from your host…


So a lot of y’all went to see JURASSIC WORLD this weekend, huh? Certainly didn’t see that coming.

It’s weird – I know full well that I could get more people interested in tuning-in by covering films like JURASSIC WORLD (or THE AVENGERS, or PITCH PERFECT), but as meagre as my help may be, I’d much rather be a voice of encouragement for films like GIRLHOOD, or A MOST VIOLENT YEAR, or today’s selection.

Even if I wasn’t more interested in discussing the smaller films, I can’t see what good it would be to be the 1200th person discussing those bigger releases. So even though I’d wager that most of you haven’t seen SLOW WEST yet – and some of you might not have even heard of it – I’m hopeful that our discussion today might prompt you to check it out. Maybe you’ll want to eschew a few explosions this summer, and say “no thanks” to a few of the cheeseburgers.

So get comfy and join me and one of my favorite guests as we talk about a handsome film with a handsome star.


Further Down the Spiral Suggestions:

From Ariel… “Daybreakers” by Louis L’Amour

From Ryan… The music of The Beta Band

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