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0:00 Introduction
3:14 Know Your Enemy: Tim Rideout
13:35 The Other Side pt. I: MAD MAX
24:53 The Other Side pt. II: THE ROAD WARRIOR
39:10 The Other Side pt. III: BEYOND THUNDERDOME
50:32 The New Slang: FURY ROAD
1:19:28 Further Down the Spiral


Thoughts from your host…


It’s a holiday up here in The Great White North, and I dare say that it’s a well-timed one. After all, as I type these thoughts, I do so with echoes of both Mad Men and Game of Thrones rattling around in my head. No spoilers!

As for the matter at-hand, I do want to thank the few of you who gave feedback on the new “Further Down the Spiral” section of the show. I wasn’t dead-certain that it would work, since so often the show digresses into other ideas anyway, but I feel as though with so many of my guests being interested in so many other things, that it’s a way we can enjoy a sweet digression. Like a spoonful of dessert at the end of a good meal.

Which brings us to today and our discussion of a whole quadrilogy.

While this is very much a “summer of sequels”, there is no other franchise I feel like giving this much attention to. But given the place Mad Max holds in pop culture history…and the reaction this latest film sparked…it seemed like a moment worth documenting. When time came to invite on a guest, I knew that only an old friend of the show would do.


Further Down the Spiral Suggestions:

From Tim… “Low” comic books by Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini

From Ryan… photography by Galen Rowell


Thanks for tuning into episode one-hundred-thirty-seven.


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