94 minutes

Up for Discussion

1. Introduction
2. KNOW YOUR ENEMY – Q & A with this episode’s guest, Marya E. Gates from Cinema Fanatic. (2:47)
3. Rundown of the nominees for adapted and original screenplay (13:54)
4. Rundown of the nominees for Supporting Actress, Supporting Actor, Actress, and Actor (24:03)
5. Rundown of the nominees for Best Direction and Best Picture (57:26)
4. Omissions and trends (1:12:53)
5. Early predictions (1:28:57:38)


Thoughts from your host…


First things first – throughout this episode, you will hear us make mention to a project my guest is undertaking. Sometimes we even say things like “that will have to wait until next year”. It only occurred to me after the fact that we never entirely spelled-out what Marya is up to. So allow me to correct that:

As detailed here, Marya is dedicating 2015 to being a year where she only watches movies made by female filmmakers. This is a wonderful idea for all sorts of reasons, and if it means she needs to put off seeing STAR WARS and AVENGERS for a little while, so be it – there are films that require our support far more, and odds are that Marya will point us towards them by the time the ball drops.

This year’s Oscar nominees were met with a great deal of grumpiness, but leave it to Miss Gates to still find a way to spark a spirited discussion out of them! Between this show, and her recent spot appearance on the podcast to discuss GONE GIRL, I’m seriously left to wonder why I don’t have her on the show more often.

Speaking of that discussion, once or twice, you’ll hear me mention Marya’s appearance on the GONE GIRL episode. That show, and the passionate discussion it contained, can be found here if you’re curious.

So get comfy (this episode is long), but we don’t waste a single second.

Thanks for tuning into episode one-hundred-twenty-eight.

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