So here’s a first after more than 100 episodes: Today I give you the very first Matineecast edited while in motion.

As I’ve mentioned a few times already, last week had me on a short excursion to the state of Missouri to catch some Royals and Cardinals baseball. When it came time to travel from Kansas City to Missouri (a trip of almost 250 miles), I opted to go by train. After a few hours of napping, reading, eavesdropping, and watching the Show Me State go by, I realized that I was wasting some valuable editing hours and decided to crack open my laptop to work on this episode.

All the more enticing was the fact that this is the show I drop every summer that comes with the least amount of edits…so just some embedded images, some music cues, and voila!

I say as much in the episode, but it’s worth mentioning again – my deep thanks this week goes out to my guest for this show who took the ball on very short notice (complete with almost all of the homework done). The trickiest part of my format is how much it relies on the time and energy of my friends, so I sometimes when a plane doesn’t come together, a back-up plan needs to hastily be executed. This was one of those times, and for that I am greatly thankful to this week’s guest.


Here’s what’s in store in episode one-hundred-and-nineteen…


61 minutes

Up for Discussion

1. Introduction
2. KNOW YOUR ENEMY– Q& A with this week’s guest, Adriana Floridia (2:59)
3. THE NEW SLANG – Review and reaction to MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT (15:20)
4. THE OTHER SIDE – Ryan couples THE BROTHERS BLOOM (46:04)
5. THE OTHER SIDE – Adriana couples CERTIFIED COPY (58:37)

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