Back on Episode 100, Kurt Halfyard clued me in to the phenomenon of “podcast creep”…where a familiarity and a comfort sends the runtime of a given show climbing and climbing into longer runtimes as the podcast continues through the months.

Thinking back through the last few episodes of the show, it’s easy for me to understand that sensation.

As much as I love sitting down with new voices, and connecting via Skype to points all over the world, there’s something about having my close friends over to raise a glass and talk about things we love that just seems to deny succinctness. I’m good with that.

Thing is that along with giving y’all audio windows into my love and thoughts on film, a small piece of me enjoys giving you audio windows that look out onto the people I’m close to – and this episode is no exception. If it takes eighty-five minutes to get that done as opposed to sixty-five, I’m pretty sure you folks are OK with that, right?

And so the Matineecast creeps on.


Here’s what’s in store in episode one-hundred-and-fifteen…


85 minutes

Up for Discussion

1. Introduction
2. KNOW YOUR ENEMY– Q& A with this week’s guest, Kate Bradford (4:46)
3. COME TALK TO ME – Fielding some listener feedback on the best films of 2014 so far (16:13)
4. THE NEW SLANG – Review and reaction to OBVIOUS CHILD (31:51)
5. THE OTHER SIDE – Kate couples BABY BOOM (1:00:31)
6. THE OTHER SIDE – Ryan couples KNOCKED UP (1:12:10)

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