After an episode spent on an old favorite, we return to the usual format where we discuss something new. In this case, “something new” is admittedly a few weeks old, but at the very least it’s a title that you can now track down on-demand if you wanted to do some homework before listening.

The slight irony is that BLUE RUIN was chosen for this slot because when I looked at this weekend and last weekend on the schedule I didn’t see any major releases that I really wanted to discuss. Little did I know that EDGE OF TOMORROW would become one of those releases! Oh well, there’s a sliver of a chance I’ll record an extra episode dedicated to it, but more than likely it will have to stay as a film examined in written form.

All the better too, because if I’d put the onus on discussing EDGE OF TOMORROW, then I wouldn’t have been able to sit down with today’s guest…and that’d be a pity since he’s a terrifically well-spoken guest!


Here’s what’s in store in episode one-hundred-and-thirteen…


76 minutes

Up for Discussion

1. Introduction
2. KNOW YOUR ENEMY– Q& A with this week’s guest, Alexander Huls (2:07)
3. COME TALK TO ME – Fielding some listener feedback on highly anticipated summer indies (14:52)
4. THE NEW SLANG – Review and reaction to BLUE RUIN (26:36)
5. THE OTHER SIDE – Alex couples IN THE BEDROOM(51:39)
6. THE OTHER SIDE – Ryan couples WINTER’S BONE (62:21)

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