Welcome back.

When I published the NYMPHOMANIAC episode back on April 14th, I didn’t anticipate an entire month going by before the next episode would drop. However, besides there not being any other new releases in April that I wanted to discuss, and the audio component of my Hot Docs coverage just not materializing this year, it became an unexpected one-month-hiatus for the show.

In some ways that left me both antsy and rusty, and in other ways I’m down with that.

Everybody needs to step away from things from time-to-time. We need to let our batteries recharge and focus on other (often more worthwhile) activities. It helps us become more well-rounded, and even makes us better at whatever it is that we’ve stepped away from…considering that a bit of desire to get back to it builds up inside of us.

So now that I have the time on my hands again, I’m happy to be getting back to it. I’m happy that the warm weather has arrived and I can start recording outside, and I’m happy that there are lots of films coming that I want to talk about into my microphone. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Thanks for sticking around.


Here’s what’s in store in episode one-hundred-and-eleven…


65 minutes

Up for Discussion

1. Introduction
2. KNOW YOUR ENEMY– Q& A with this week’s guest, Nikhat Zahra (4:01)
4. THE NEW SLANG – Review and reaction to ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE (18:17)
5. THE OTHER SIDE pt I- Nik couples THIRST (39:01)
6. THE OTHER SIDE pt II – Ryan couples SID & NANCY (51:09)

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