Matineecast 100

So here we are.

Almost exactly four years after I began it, my show hits the century mark. I’m deeply humbled that people keep tuning in to hear what I have to say, and I’m really lucky to have met so many interesting film lovers to break bread with. Matter of fact, if there’s a downside to my format, it’s that I know too many interesting film lovers and can’t seem to get them back for return appearances fast enough. But it is what it is, and today it is for its hundredth time.

So what to do to celebrate such an occasion? While we could have reviewed a new release, I didn’t really feel that FROZEN, CATCHING FIRE, or (lord help us) OLDBOY was befitting the century show. So instead, as I have been known to do, I put the onus on my guests. I brought as many of them together as I could and got them to tell stories about their love of film. Specifically, about their love of going to film. While it’s wonderful that we live in an age of watching on-demand titles on laptops and mobile phones, I feel as though what spurs our love for the art form most is the people we share it with. As you’ll hear through these eight guests I have gathered, the memories of the people they shared the films with linger long after the credits have rolled.

I wrapped up this show in a bit of a hurry, so permit me two quick details about its recording.

First of all, despite the best laid plans, my show was plagued with technical issues. In trying to properly capture audio from six guests at once, I overreached a bit and couldn’t pull off the audio set-up as planned. So when you hear us mentioning technical difficulties, it’s because we had to repeat the recording of the first thirty minutes. What’s more, if the opening sounds a bit rough, it’s because my introduction of the guests and Bob’s chapter were captured via iPhone. Once Danielle starts speaking, things get cleaner. Apologies if those twenty minutes sit badly with anyone, but the audio is still pretty decent.

Second, and more importantly, I don’t feel like I properly thanked my guests. The Mamo boys went out of their way on a weeknight to sit down with me, and considering how busy they both are, I do appreciate them finding a few minutes to do me a favour and take part in this mad experiment. As for the other six guests, I’m really lucky to have such enthusiastic friends. As I reached out to them to come by my place on this Sunday afternoon in November, they all responded to my invitation with much excitement and accommodation. It’s not easy to get six people swimming in the same direction, but with friends like these, it suddenly seems so easy. Danielle, Kate, Lindsay, Bob, Kurt, and James – I owe all of you big time.

The eight people you hear on this show are but a few of the wonderful people my love of film has brought into my orbit. I’m a lucky person to call them my friends.

But enough gilding the lily – the hundredth awaits. It’s the longest show I’ve ever recorded, and every guest gets their own chapter stop…so don’t be afraid to pause, skip, and shuffle around.

So if this is the first time you’ve tuned in, or the hundredth, thank you so much for supporting what I do.


Here’s what’s in store in episode one hundred…


110 minutes

Up for Discussion

2. BOB TURNBULL (9:58)
4. KATE BRADFORD (28:24)
5. JAMES McNALLY (41:06)
6. MATTHEW PRICE – Live at Lightbox (47:58)
7. MATTHEW BROWN – Live at Lightbox (57:08)
8. KURT HALFYARD (64:00)
10. RYAN (92:58)
11. THE WRAP (103:15)

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