For a while there, it seemed as though I was posting guest appearances on other people’s podcasts every week. A big piece of that is thanks to the now-hiatused Dew Over podcast and the amount of times I dropped by that show to argue Oscar history. But with the show taking some much-needed time off, it was strange to me to realize that almost six whole months had gone by since I last took a turn in the guest seat of someone else’s show.

Guess it’s appropriate then, that it was Andrew James and The Row Three Cinecast to finally hand me the ball and ask me to toss a few innings.

The lead topic on the show is STAR TREK BEYOND (which will be discussed further on tomorrow’s Matineecast), along with some TV talk around Stranger Things, Roadies, and The Night Of. Also, Andrew decided what was good for the goose was good for the gander and had me answer my own “Know Your Enemy” questions – this time tackling round two.

So please excuse the sounds of a lacrosse game happening just over my balcony railing, and the occasional gust of summer wind, but it was just too nice a day to stay cooped up inside.

The episode can be found here. Any comments about how wrong I am can be left below.