psycho scream janet leigh

Seems like it’s been ages since I did a guest spot on a podcast and it wasn’t The Dew Over. But lo and behold, there I was Saturday night talking across a wire to Chicago with Bubbawheat.

I’m always sorta humbled when going on this podcast, because as our host mentions in the opening, it’s somewhat modeled after my own podcast. So when I go through stretches where I feel as though nobody’s listening to what I’m putting effort into (and I just came out of one of those stretches), it’s good to have reminders like this that I’m having some sliver of an effect on a fellow content creator.

The topic of the day is Hitchcock’s classic PSYCHO – which our host watched for the first time for this episode. As is the case with many classics watched in a modern context, some things worked for his virgin eyes, and some didn’t…but that’s where I hoped to add context.

Once we got done with the beauty, it was time for the beast…and for that we turned our eyes to Frank Miller’s THE SPIRIT.

Yeah, I’m still trying to “unsee” it too.

The episode can be found here. Any comments about how wrong I am – or condolences for my time spent with THE SPIRIT – can be left below.