Mike and Tessa in CREED


Note to Self: Sign on for more podcasts that record in bars.

This time last week, my good friend Petula Neale invited me to drop by the podcast she records with her co-host Jai “Hooray for Everything – In a TIFF”. Gotta say folks, I’m hard-pressed to remember the last time I had this much fun recording a podcast (and that’s not just the free drinks talking).

We get into everything before the sun goes down; the awesomeness of Beyonce, which Oscar nominees we’d swap out for others, and even what makes for the best chili recipe (spoiler alert: beef brisket).

What’s even better is that the whole she-bang was something of a preview of coming attractions since Petula will be dropping by Casa del McNeil for Matineecast 153 this weekend.

The gin-fuelled episode can be found here. Any comments about how wrong I am can be left below.