Beguiled Opening Shot


This afternoon as I type, my brother is visiting the bustling town of Minneapolis. Some people take summer vacations in The Hamptons; McNeil boys go to The Midwest…what can I say?

This reminded me of a movie chat I had with my favorite Minnesotan last week that I have yet to plug around these parts. If I have a podcast home=away-from-home, it’s The Row Three Cinecast. Besides being often welcomed on to fill the Canadian quotient, the guys there share a similar cinematic sensibility…even if we disagree, which we do from time to time.

So it was my pleasure last week to drop by and keep the Coppola conversation going as we discussed THE BEGUILED. Now if you’re thinking to yourself “But Hatter, you already talked that film to death on Matineecast 180!”…well, you’re not wrong – except for this episode I did some homework and watched the Don Siegel original. So I’ve got more ammo.

Beyond that, we talk about OKJA, video games, books, and the state of The MCU. Camaraderie abounds.

The episode can be found here. Any comments about how wrong I am can be left below.