Yesterday, TIFF unveiled their lineup for the 40th Toronto International Film Festival (more about that tomorrow).

This festival will be a reflection of this autumn for me, which is one where there isn’t a ton I’m looking forward to at this stage. To clarify, usually by now there are projects on the horizon by filmmakers who I follow…Martin Scorsese, Kathryn Bigelow, David Fincher, and the like. Most of them are between projects. What that means is that this autumn – and by extension, this TIFF – is open season. It will be a stretch where I have less expectations going into a multiplex, and a stretch where I might well add a few new names to that list of favorite filmmakers.

For instance, perhaps Jacques Audiard is about to make the jump. After all, I loved UN PROPHETÈ when I first watched it on DVD, which sent me to chase down RUST AND BONE when it played TIFF a few festivals ago.

So considering DHEEPAN has already created some heat for itself by taking this year’s Palme D’Or, perhaps I have a new name to keep an eye out for…