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Last year, I did guest spots on six different podcasts. Fun times – always. I’m tellin’ ya, I never met a mic I didn’t like.

But 2014 was somewhat surprising for this humble podcaster for the simple fact that I found myself on the same podcast five times over. Back in February, a friend of mine told me that anew show called The Dew Over was getting going and that I should drop by. Five shows later – and many more that I wanted to be on – I can honestly say that the show has become one of the best parts of the filmgoing community in this fair city of mine, and has led to some of the very best film discussions I’ve ever been part of…on-mic or off.

Tomorrow, my most recent appearance goes live. If you know anything about me, you know that I never shy away from discussing SAVING PRIVATE RYAN…and The 1998 Dew Over is no exception. It was a controversial year, and a decision that has not dulled any with time.

So right now, if you haven’t already, drop by The Dew Over, download some shows and send Jamie Dew some happy thoughts. Then, listen-in to the killer episode that might as well be subtitled “Steven Was Robbed”