Cybill Shepherd in Taxi Driver


Once again, I made my way to the eastern bank of The Don River…though this time, I went home with ice cream!

One of the things I’ve found so interesting through the course of recording half a dozen episodes of this podcast is the way the conversational flow always seems to take a while to ramp-up (at least on the episodes I’ve been part of). Just through luck of the running order, we often find ourselves at the most agreeable when things begin…then slowly, over the course of eighty minutes or so, we’re laying the smack down, taking the piss out of The Academy, and even poking each-other in the eye over opinions raised,

This episode is no different. What I can say for sure is that I learned two things one week ago when I came away from this episode.


1 – I might be the only person in my age range who can even stand BOUND FOR GLORY (let alone actually enjoyed it)

2 – TAXI DRIVER isn’t as universally adored as I once thought.


Sadly it was a boys club for this particular episode, but we still had a blast discussing yet another one of the very best classes of Best Picture candidates in Oscar history!

The episode can be found here. Any comments about how wrong I am can be left below.