So funny story…

For almost as long as I’ve been a podcaster, I’ve made sporadic appearances on other people’s shows (it gets addictive). In part from availability, in part from lack of invitation, I’ve seldom appeared on the same show over and over.

…then along came Jamie Dew.

Perhaps because of the format of his show, perhaps because of proximity, I’ve found myself breaking bread with the man six times over since February! Don’t get me wrong, I do still hope to get out a bit more, but if all I ever did for the rest of 2014 was record Dew Overs (and there at least two more to come!), I’d call it a win.

This episode gathered a few less of us than usual, but we still had a blast discussing one of the very best classes of Best Picture candidates in Oscar history!

The episode can be found here. Any comments about how wrong I am can be left below.