Ever met someone fantastic just as your paths are about to stop crossing? You start working somewhere and find out that someone leaving at the end of the week would have made for a great office-mate?

In a way, I feel like that’s Jean-Marc Vallée.

I was late to the party with his killer coming-of-age film C.R.A.Z.Y., so my first encounter with his work within the Canadian system was CAFE DE FLORE. Right after that? Hollywood came calling. DALLAS BUYERS CLUB got him acclaim for his part in the McConnaisance…WILD followed, even if reaction to it was slightly more muted. Basically, I met a Canadian whose world view aligns with my own right as he was packing his bags to see more of the world.

If there’s a silver lining, it’s that his new film, DEMOLITION, has more of his fingerprints on it than his previous pair of American outings. So while I might not be able to poke my head into the next cubicle over and ask what’s up, I can at least follow his exploits in the California branch.

At TIFF 2015, where DEMOLITION was the opening night gala selection, Vallée called it “The most rock & roll film he’s ever made”. I heartily agree and can’t recommend it more.