Tom and Summer


Two things before I get to the longest recap of the year –

TIFF continues to be an absolute joy, so while I know others who are ready to bail out of the experience, I remain committed to coming back for at least another year.

Also, it seems like a foregone conclusion that I will get to the end of this year having watched less movies than I have in years past. That said, I’m just fine with that.


Here’s the week at hand…


MISTRESS AMERICAI can’t explain it, but I have a strange weakness for movies about flakes.
GREEN ROOMGotta love a punk rock stand-off
DEMOLITIONI’m really going to enjoy discussing this film in 2016
DHEEPANHow France chose not to make this their Oscar submission is beyond me.
SICARIOLots more thoughts on this in the days ahead
THE LOBSTER – One of the most disruptive screenings I’ve ever attended.
THE HONG KONG TRILOGYAnyone ever seen Christopher Doyle and Keith Richards in the same room?
YOUTHThe programmer who introduced this finished by saying “please enjoy youth”. It seemed poetic.
FIVE NIGHTS IN MAINENifty directorial debut; can’t wait to see more from this director.
CEMETERY OF SPLENDOURI’m drowsy just thinking about it.
BROOKLYNSUCH a splendid-looking film.
INTO THE FORESTWhen the lights go out, we are all so royally screwed.
THE WAITThis will be the film I love most this year that nobody else will see.
RAMSIs it weird that I have a craving for lamb chops?
MA MA – The only disappointment of the festival, which still wasn’t bad – just not as good as it could have been.
ANOMALISAIf this comes out before the end of the year it will handily make my top ten.
VICTORIAI can’t wait for more people to see this movie!
THE MARTIANThis is what a studio film should be.
LOVE…or at least “like like” anyway…
THE WITCHTurns out goats are up to no good.
NORTHERN SOULI’ve been playing this soundtrack on loop all week.
SEMANA SANTAHandily my favorite small movie of the festival.
HITCHCOCK/TRUFFAUTNice movie, better book.
GIRLS LOSTThe saddest thing about this movie is that no english translation of the book exists.
LONDON ROAD – A splendid festival capper.
BLACK MASS – Where’s my copy of THE DEPARTED?


Streaming/Blu-Rays/DVD’s I’ve Never Seen
BOUND – This will handily be one of my favorite “2015 First Timers”…and not for that reason…you dirty birds.
LIMITS OF CONTROL – Someone suggested I watch this instead of THE AMERICAN. Someone suggested badly.
BILLY WILDER SPEAKS – Glad that he spent the whole doc speaking, because lord knows the filmmakers didn’t spend much of this doc filmmaking!


Streaming/Blu-Rays/DVD’s I’ve Seen Before
A MOST VIOLENT YEARWhy do I feel like this was one of the most underrated movies of 2014?
CATCH ME IF YOU CAN – “Knock knock…”
ALMOST FAMOUSDo I ever need an excuse to watch this?
ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVEI always want to listen to Jack White after I watch this.
CHUNGKING EXPRESS – Following my audience with Mister Doyle.
ALWAYS – Pretty sure this is a movie that time has managed to forget.
MUNICH – I’ve been upgrading a bunch of my Spielberg DVD’s to blu-ray, hence all the selections from Señor Spielbergo
SLEEPY HOLLOW – How did I never realize that Chivo Lubezki shot this?
CAFE DE FLOREMid-way through TIFF, I began watching favorites from festivals past, such as this and the next three entries.
CRONOS – This “Past TIFF Selection” was also inspired by all those master classes from a few weeks ago.
PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE – I’ll always remember people scalping $14 tickets for $75 to the premiere of this at TIFF 2003
NIGHTCRAWLER…that car chase!


Boxscore for The Year
196 First-Timers, 122 Re-Watched
91 Screenings
318 Movies in Total
How’s about you – seen anything good?