Sils Maria


Even with a ramped-down TIFF, the last three weeks have felt like a cinematic blur. So, pardon me while I get right down to the nitty-gritty this week.

Over the last three weeks, my entries into the #52FilmsByWomen  project were all screenings, and if I had my way, they all would be. Like most things, I find myself more engaged with the titles I select when I’m sitting in a cinema.

So with THE DRESSMAKER, DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST, and ONE SINGS THE OTHER DOESN’T now part of the tally, I’m 38-of-52.

Meanwhile, there was much more to my month.


Here’s the three weeks at hand…

PETE’S DRAGON – I never would have anticipated just how much I loved this.
HUNT OF THE WILDER PEOPLE – This neither. I’m a horrible cinephile for missing out on this all summer long.
ONE SINGS, THE OTHER DOESN’T – A TIFF highlight if only to hear Agnes Varda speak.
WEREWOLF – Lordy did this ever bum me out.
A UNITED KINGDOM – I really need to double back and watch BELLE soon.
DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST – This looked incredible on a big screen. If you can catch the touring print of this, do so.
BUSTER’S MAL HEART – Starring a newly minted Emmy winner.
AMERICAN HONEY – I need this soundtrack yesterday
THE BAD BATCH – The award for the weirdest Q&A I attended.
JEAN OF THE JONSES – No really, what’s a spindrift?
BELOW HER MOUTH – …and the most-read review from my entire festival is…?
THE EMPTY BOX – Any movie this woman makes, I’m there.
PREVENGE – I’m not going to look at pregnant women the same way ever again.
OKAFOR’S LAW – Possibly the most fun I had at TIFF
THE DRESSMAKER – Splendid, more on this tomorrow.

Streaming/Blu-Rays/DVD’s I’ve Never Seen
HOLD BACK THE DAWN – Thanks for the tip, Jandy. So glad I watched this.
TORTILLA FLATS – Only minor racism.
HANG ‘EM HIGH – I keep meaning to dig deeper into the non-Leone Eastwood westerns. Add it to my list of projects.
BARBERSHOP 2 – Stop me if you’ve heard this one, but it’s not as good as the first.
PHOENIX – The beauty of a dialled-down TIFF was that it allowed me to look for missed films from TIFFs past.
THE LUNCHBOX – Like I said. Also, this film is glorious.
ANIMAL HOUSE – Pop quiz; which pop culture touchstone is aging horribly?
THE PROGRAM – Too much time spent on Armstong’s ascent, not enough time on the fall.
THE AGE OF ADELINE – God help me, I fell for this harder than I should have.
MALEFICENT – Are we at the end of the “retelling fairy tale” craze yet?
CRAZY MOON – A Crazy Canadian film starring a very young Kiefer. He takes pictures of poop, wears a suit, and dates a deaf girl. It’s better than it sounds.
THE STREETFIGHTER – TCM shows some crazy shot sometimes, y’all.

Streaming/Blu-Rays/DVD’s I’ve Seen Before
LEMONADE – Re-watched the night before DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST to refresh my memory. Also, this still stands as one of the very best films of the year.


Boxscore for The Year
193 First-Timers, 101 Re-Watched
66 Screenings
294 Movies in Total

How’s about you – seen anything good?