I tried to actually make some headway on the glut of movies I have recorded on my PVR this week.

I was slightly successful, which is to say that I got two titles scratched off (The Marx Brothers and Sans Soleil), but then I went and recorded two new ones off TCM. Sorta makes me think I’ll never get them all watched. Not even if I went down for a week with some nasty bug and the doctor said “Don’t you dare get off the couch”.

It’s almost enough to make one grab the remote and tap “Delete All” in a fit of frustration. Almost. I mean, I do want to watch DOCTOR ZHIVAGO someday…


Here’s The Week at Hand…


THE EQUALIZERIf I wanted HOME ALONE DEPOT, I would have asked for it.

Blu-Rays/DVD’s I’ve Never Seen
THE BIG CHILL – So boomers were angsty once, eh?
COFFEE AND CIGARETTES – Loved the Jack White sketch. Try to act surprised.
A NIGHT AT THE OPERA – There’s something about corny jokes that always makes me laugh myself stupid.
SANS SOLEIL – This might sound blasphemous, but I prefer BARAKA and SAMSARA

Blu-Rays/DVD’s I’ve Seen Before
RED DRAGON – Hey, know what makes a pretty good follow-up to GONE GIRL?
MEMENTO – Remember last week when I said I want to stop going on director-benders? It hasn’t taken yet.
INSOMNIA (2002) – …it really hasn’t taken.
OBVIOUS CHILDSpoiler Alert: This will be on the year-end top five
ROCKNROLLAGuess what movie is better than you remember?

Boxscore for The Year
222 First-Timers, 156 Re-Watched
82 Screenings
378 Movies in Total

How’s about you – seen anything good?