The baseball playoffs have been taking a healthy bite out of my watching habits lately (try to act surprised) as has a slightly nutty social calendar (okay, you can stop acting surprised now).

It’s funny though – the part of me that uses sites like Letterboxd and Goodreads feels a slight pang of shame in seeing my log listings slip. Like I’m not “doing as much” as others I know on both aggregates. That feeling spills over to this moment every week when I check in with you fine folks to rhyme-off my comings and goings for the week. However, that feeling is temporary. It’s tempered with a deeper rationalization that “they’re just movies”, or “they’re just books”, or “it’s just TV”. When I look back on a week gone by, I’d rather be able to say that it was a week where I spent a day with my extended family, an evening with my parents, and a night with a friend at improv than say “I watched twelve movies”

Don’t get me wrong, there have been lots of fun weeks where I’ve watched that many movies – and there will probably be more before the year is out. I just mean to say that I feel like there is more to all of this than just checking off boxes. Heck, even this series of entries. Sure it’s nice to catch up with everybody like this once a week (and admittedly takes very little brain power)…but the moment I figure out a better idea for my Saturday entries, I’ll be more than happy to shuffle off this series.

So even though it’s coming on the time of year when a lot of the good stuff is coming, let’s all try to strive for balance, shall we? Let’s watch our movies, read our books, follow our sports, and play our video games…but let’s try to offset those indulgences with a bit more quality time with others.

After all, I don’t think anyone has been on their deathbed and muttered that they wish they’d been able to watch more movies before their number was up.


Here’s The Week at Hand…


FURYThis could have been so much better
BIRDMANI’/m a believer
WHIPLASH – I had to get past a wild amount of hype, but thoughts on this gem will drop tomorrow.

Blu-Rays/DVD’s I’ve Never Seen
THE SMILING LIEUTENANT – I need to watch more movies where people sing over breakfast
JESUS CAMP – With Halloween coming, I’ll be hard pressed to watch anything scarier than this.
NIGHT AND DAY – I feel the urge to download a lot of Cole Porter now

Blu-Rays/DVD’s I’ve Seen Before
THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS- It works for Halloween and for Christmas. Expect another viewing before we flip the calendar.

Boxscore for The Year
234 First-Timers, 164 Re-Watched
87 Screenings
398 Movies in Total

How’s about you – seen anything good?