That’s better!

After a week spent watching a lower amount of titles, and most of them being stuff I’ve seen before, I managed to get some flicks scratched off the watchlist. A lot of these were actually TCM recordings, which have become a bit of a godsend where it comes to exposing me to new material. It’s funny actually, because even though the last twelve months have seen the dawn of my Netflix use, I still continually turn to other avenues when I want to watch something I’ve never seen.

I think that much of my preference for Lightbox patronage and TCM viewing comes from an appreciation for curation. It’s not easy – as I’ve been subject to after a few failed rounds of curation, and many more stories of the same. On the one hand you want people to try something new, but intent and mood are so hard to gauge. In that way, context is key. Try it sometime – see if you can put together even a double-feature that people appreciate. That’s also what makes an entity like Netflix so daunting, since it’s just a seemingly bottomless pit of material. One needs to get to the end of the line at some stage.

To that end I’m a fan of film-lovers that can point me towards the good stuff. Whether it’s NOW, VOYAGER…CITIZEN FOUR…or ALTMAN.

Curation. What a concept.


Here’s The Week at Hand…


BIG HERO 6Really fun. Podcast coming Monday.

Blu-Rays/DVD’s I’ve Never Seen
THE FOG – I want to podcast from a lighthouse some day.
I CONFESS – Lesser-known Hitchock that’s pretty badass.
NOW, VOYAGER – I feel like I should have seen this one ages ago.
ALTMAN – Not bad, but a pretty standard retrospective doc.
I, ROBOT – Better than I thought it would be!

Blu-Rays/DVD’s I’ve Seen Before
THE MALTESE FALCON – It’s Noirvember, right?

Boxscore for The Year
247 First-Timers, 173 Re-Watched
90 Screenings
420 Movies in Total

How’s about you – seen anything good?