Tom and Summer


Take a deep breath, gang.


Here’s the three weeks at hand…


COBAIN: MONTAGE OF HECK This was one of those days I really wished there was more Nirvana in the world.
LOVE BETWEEN THE COVERSRomance has never been my lit of choice, but I must admit this doc makes the genre somewhat tempting.
BEST OF ENEMIESAs Corey Atad put it – “catnip”
FOODIESGreat film, dodgy subculture.
THE NIGHTMAREAfter watching this, I needed to listen to something pleasant to nod off.
FRAME BY FRAMEAlways inspiring to see how photographers can affect the world around them
LIVE FROM NEW YORK!This place has everything
AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRONYes, I took a break mid-Hot-Docs to indulge some Marvel.
WHAT HAPPENED, MISS SIMONE?This one picks up steam as it rolls along.
GAYBY BABYWho knew – kids are kids, no matter their parents’ sexual orientation.
OUT TO WINI anticipate the day when this feels like ancient history.
EX MACHINA – There will be much more to say about this as the weekend goes on.
AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRONMany misgivings fade on the second watch, but there’s still the feeling that something is out-of-joint.


Streaming/Blu-Rays/DVD’s I’ve Never Seen
SHERLOCK, JR.Let’s see if I can use this to jumpstart my Keaton-lit.
DRUNK STONED BRILLIANT DEAD – One last Hot Docs screener, and not one I found worthwhile.
THE HUNGER – Gotta love some schlocky ’80’s Tony Scott.


Streaming/Blu-Rays/DVD’s I’ve Seen Before
THE AVENGERSI didn’t watch ten films to prep for Ultron, I watched five.
IRON MAN 3Loved the Downton Abbey flourish.
THOR: THE DARK WORLDStill the MCU Fredo for my money.
CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIERThanks for the reminder to download some Marvin Gaye.
GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXYI wonder if we’ll ever refer to this film as “Peak Marvel”?
NEVER LET ME GO Is it my imagination, or is this film underrated?


Boxscore for The Year
94 First-Timers, 56 Re-Watched
36 Screenings
150 Movies in Total
How’s about you – seen anything good?