I have a strange relationship with spoof movies.

Now and then they have been known to tickle me – ordinarily when they come from minds like Mel Brooks or the chaps responsible for AIRPLANE! Other times though, I find myself sighing more than I find myself laughing. As someone who loves to laugh, there are few things that sadden me more. Also, as someone who loves to laugh, I always feel dumb when I’m the only one in the room who isn’t laughing.

But such was the case with THEY CAME TOGETHER…a feature length film that felt like it was once an SNL Digital Short. Considering how unfunny I found LEGO, perhaps my sense of humour has just bent otself in a different direction from anyone elses. Or perhaps many of you folks weren’t all that nuts about this Poehler and Rudd romp either.

Am I alone on this one? Am I the only one who didn’t get a case of the giggles?


Here’s The Week at Hand…



Blu-Rays/DVD’s I’ve Never Seen
THE PAWNBROKER – Lordy, Lumet films come with some heavy doses of darkness sometimes.
LILIES OF THE FIELD – I only ever knew this film in name only – and this wasn’t what I expected.
THEY CAME TOGETHER – Seriously? Just me??
THE GIRL MOST LIKELY – The world needs more Kristen Wiig.
SLEEPER – This might be the most I’ve laughed out loud at a Woody Allen film.
CLOCKERS – I’ve been meaning to get to this for almost 20 years. I think I could have waited another 20.
JAILHOUSE ROCK – I was genuinely surprised how little prison there was in this one.

Blu-Rays/DVD’s I’ve Seen Before
WHAT ABOUT BOB? – Still every bit as funny as it was on first watch.
LINCOLN – I loved it on first-watch, I love it even more now.
RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES – I’m guessing half of y’all watched this one this week too, right?

Boxscore for The Year
146 First-Timers, 102 Re-Watched
40 Screenings
248 Movies in Total
How’s about you – seen anything good?