Tom and Summer

New year, new scorecard.

As you can see, the scorecard is a teeny bit thin (which is to say one-a-day), all the more curious when one considers that of the nine days that have come and gone this year, I’ve been off work for three. However, my brain has been elsewhere. It has been on a podcast dedicated to the films of 1995 (three of which you see listed below). It has been deeply immersed in books, where I’ve already finished two plus one graphic novel…with a third book well on its way. And it’s been dedicated to hockey and to watching a tournament that usually provides more immediacy and intrigue than you get at the pro level (guess which country won?).

Mostly though, I’ve been watching Broadchurch in advance of its new season coming up. This is a show I’d heard mentioned a great deal through the last year or two, but I never actually latched on and gave it a proper go. Now that I’ve finished it, I sorta want a hug. This show went to some dark places in its compact eight-episode-season, and even though it’s conclusion is stunning and uplifting, I really feel as though I could do with a hug.

I have no idea whether series two can match it in terms of tension, but it was certainly a week well-spent. Now it’s time for more chipper fare – including my first trip to the cinema!

Here’s the nine days at hand…

Streaming/Blu-Rays/DVD’s I’ve Never Seen
TO BE TAKEI – In my best dreams, I’m as cool as George.
WOMEN AREN’T FUNNY – Great concept, not the best execution.
IL POSTINO – It would seem as though I’m the only person this trifle still works on.

Streaming/Blu-Rays/DVD’s I’ve Seen Before
SENSE AND SENSIBILITY – I really think we should go back to bowing to each other as we enter rooms
IRON MAN 3Odds are high this will be re-watched in April
BABE – I’m the asshole who watches this and craves bacon.
THE GODFATHER – When dinner is a dish that takes three hours to prepare, what better company could you ask for?
HERI’m somewhat saddened that the high-waisted pants didn’t catch on after this.
INHERENT VICEI’m getting more and more of it each time.

How’s about you – seen anything good?