It was a busy week up this way, leaving me with very little time to watch anything. It was so busy in fact, that I didn’t step foot in a cinema at all. For those of you keeping score at home, this is the first time since August that I’ve gone one week with a trip to the theatre! I have plans to see at least two in theatres this week coming, so a new streak can begin tomorrow.

With Oscar on its way, my watchlist is getting very nomination heavy. I find myself pulling past winners down off the shelf, and of course chasing down the big nominees from this year that I haven’t yet seen. As if that’s not bad enough, my PVR is stating to work overtime thanks to TCM’s “31 Days of Oscar” series.

At the same time, I’m really enjoying making use of a new movie geek website called In actual fact, I think my playing around with it and compulsively adding films and making lists is what has decreased my watching! If you join up, be sure to follow me.

Here’s The Week at Hand…

Blu-Rays/DVD’s I’ve Never Seen
MARGIN CALL – Sort of a GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS/WALL STREET for the era of the recession era. Watched for it’s Best Original Screenplay nomination, and totally found deserving.

Blu-Rays/DVD’s I’ve Watched Before
MONEYBALL – Guess who watched it again? And guess who still doesn’t like it?
THE DEPARTED – Perhaps we’ll soon be referring to this film as the first of Scorsese’s two Oscar films?
MILLION DOLLAR BABY – I know this has soured in many people’s opinions, but I still dig it.
SOME LIKE IT HOT – I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I’d give my right arm to write half as good as Billy Wilder.
O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU? – “Oh George, not the livestock.”

Boxscore for The Year
17 First-Timers, 24 Re-Watched
7 Screenings
41 Movies in Total

How’s about you – seen anything good?