Sils Maria

Weirdest thing:

For much of 2016, I went along in a bit of a haze feeling as though I was watching dramatically less. I think I thought about these little recap posts, and mentally did a tally at how few of them were clocking it with double-digits. Perhaps my reduced exposure to TIFF and Hot Docs factored into the equation.

It brought on the haze, but I didn’t feel like I was missing out, or any pangs of regret. There was so much going on this year…I barely had a moment to notice that I was watching fewer films.

And yet…

I look at the numbers below, and they really aren’t that far off from last year. One or two less mornings spent with a book, or one or two fewer basketball games on my TV, and I’m at the same spot I was in 2015.

What’s more, I don’t sit here wishing I’d watched more. This past year is one I won’t soon forget. While it would have been nice to pepper it with a few more classics or another few trips to the theatre, in the end I love the way a few less films are colouring my life…instead of being the life everything else colours.

Watch less; live more.


The final breakdown goes like so:

385 Films watched
249 First showings
146 Re-watches
88 Screenings
297 DVD’s/On-Demand Selections
13 Different theatres
82 Commercial films
3 Film festivals
18 Festival screenings
7 Films watched twice each
1 Film screened in theatres twice (CIVIL WAR)


Here’s the final week of 2016…
LA LA LAND – This is lovely. I’ll have more to say about it this week.

Streaming/Blu-Rays/DVD’s I’ve Never Seen
MARION BRIDGE – Molly Parker is one of those actors who automatically makes me more interested in something.
MOANA – Disney’s on a roll, kids.
WADJDA – This was bloody genius. Also, I really want a new bike now.
JANIS: LITTLE GIRL BLUE – The older I get, the sadder I get that so many rock stars died at age 27.

Streaming/Blu-Rays/DVD’s I’ve Seen Before
SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE – I entered this one into the rotation thanks to the first act being set during Christmas Eve.
A CHRISTMAS STORY – I want Chinese food now. Wanna go out?
SCROOGED – Fun fact: For most of December, my on-demand advertised this film as being avaiable for viewing starting December 28th. Guess someone at the cable company figured out the error because it turned up on the 21st.
FRED CLAUS For a minute, Kevin Spacey as a former Superman fan was gloriously meta.
RENT – Still not crazy about this movie, but those songs are in my blood.
THE POLAR EXPRESS – I sorta want this remade without the mo-cap.
THE APARTMENT My traditional Christmas Eve watch.
SCROOGE – The other film I traditionally watch on Christmas Eve. This one at midnight while we open gifts.
YOU’VE GOT MAIL – Grey’s Anatomy fans – do you remember Sara Ramirez’s epic scene in this movie? (“Happy Thanksgiving back…”)
SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE Doesn’t ti seem like a million years ago that his film was all anyone could talk about during Oscar season?
WATCHMEN I was skimming through the graphic novel again this week, so a rewatch was in order.
INHERENT VICE The more I watch this, the more it gets its hooks in me.
TOMORROWLAND I still find this film underrated.
IRON MAN It’s almost quaint to watch this movie now and not see a movie try to connect with thirteen other films.
WHEN HARRY MET SALLY… – I never have managed to time the final scene to properly align with the stroke of the new year.