While this post series usually goes up on Saturdays, I wanted to push it to allow this entry to sum up 2011 on the whole. Here’s how the numbers break down…

421 Films watched
238 First showings
183 Re-watches
125 Screenings
287 DVD’s
20 Different theatres
67 Commercial films
4 Film festivals
32 Festival screenings
2 Films screened in theatres twice (THE ARTIST and THE MUPPETS)
25 Titles scratched off the neverending “To Watch” List

Looking at next year, all things being equal, I think I can add on another ten to twenty films (I lost a lot of time in the design and launch of this site). That said, even if the number stays where it is, or even drops, I’d like to focus on new material in the new year…get a few more scratched off that watchlist.

But before we look forward, let’s take one last look back…

Here’s The Final Week at Hand…

WE BOUGHT A ZOO – Messy, but it left me with a smile.

Blu-Rays/DVD’s I’ve Never Seen
CERTIFIED COPY – A subtle film I’m happy I finally caught up with.
DON’T LOOK BACK – This might well cause my Bob Dylan playcount in iTunes to skyrocket.
THE KING OF MARVIN GARDENS – A holdover in my Criterion BBS box. Interesting, if somewhat arty.

Blu-Rays/DVD’s I’ve Watched Before
LOVE, ACTUALLY – I discovered this week that “Christmas is All Around” gets especially painful in subsequent verses.
IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE – Christmas Eve is the latest I’ve watched it in many, many years.
BATMAN RETURNS – It is too a Christmas movie!
WHITE CHRISTMAS – The perfect watch to end off a busy Christmas Eve.
SUPER 8 – A Christmas gift from Lindsay, and the film chosen to break in my new surround sound system.
RUSHMORE – Another Christmas gift, and a film I must admit I wasn’t fussed about when I first watched it years ago.
THE LAST PICTURE SHOW – The world needs more black & white

How’s about you – seen anything good?