Two weeks ago when I last checked in to talk about my viewing habits, I mentioned the way that even in the face of so many other distractions, my pace on consumption remained in-step with last year. That changed dramatically over the last little stretch where my travels threw my pace for a loop. The tally you see below is for two weeks, but there have been parts of the year where that tally could have happened over the course of one week.

Oddly enough, there were six whole days in the middle of this block of time where I didn’t watch a damned thing!

With TIFF on the horizon, this is probably a good thing. For now though, a great deal of rewatches make up the dance card for two busy weeks.


Here’s The Two Weeks at Hand…


CALIFORNIA SPLIT – Lightbox is showing an Altman series, so expect more of the man’s work to show up in these posts. This movie was bloody brilliant, and left me wondering if there was any actual script or Bob just got behind the camera and said “go”.

Blu-Rays/DVD’s I’ve Never Seen
I AM DIVINE – I don’t like camp, so I was a bit surprised how much I enjoyed this.
THE CLOCK – A charming romp that happens to be one of Jandy’s favorites.
THIS MUST BE THE PLACE – What the hell was this movie supposed to be?

Blu-Rays/DVD’s I’ve Seen Before
CERTIFIED COPY – G-Man approved
BACK TO THE FUTURE – It’s my density.
THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL – I needed to watch something while packing my suitcase. Wes was the winner.
EIGHT MEN OUT – You just knew there was gonna be a baseball movie in here, didn’t ya?
THE COLOR PURPLE – The Spielberg film that I’m continually convinced I like but no one else does.
RATATOUILLE – Chosen to…
UP – …keep myself company…
CITIZEN KANE – …while making my TIFF schedule.

Boxscore for The Year
170 First-Timers, 130 Re-Watched
47 Screenings
300 Movies in Total
How’s about you – seen anything good?