burn1 Days of The Week (Films Watched Apr 12 – Apr 18)

Now that’s more like it!

It’s funny, I’m only up three screenings from last week, but it might as well be a dozen. It actually could have been even higher if I didn’t take time yesterday to start doing Hot Docs homework and choose a three-hour Scorsese joint to make for the night’s entertainment.

I actually haven’t had a day in a while where I just stayed on the couched and watched a glut of titles. New Year’s Day was the last time I can remember doing so, and that was the occasion I chose to watch the complete Indiana Jones series. Perhaps in a few weeks when I get my recovery day from younger brother’s wedding I’ll treat myself to that.

Maybe I should start planning what I want to watch! Any suggestions for a low-effort project?


Here’s The Week at Hand…


SHORTS NOT PANTS Spring Programme - This series is definitely starting to attract some new blood, so good on James!
OCULUS - Wonderfully creepy. More on this tomorrow.

Blu-Rays/DVD’s I’ve Never Seen
ART AND CRAFT -  (Hot Docs Screener)It should show as a double feature with AMERICAN HUSTLE.
NARC - Not quite what I was expecting.
THE COOK, THE THIEF, HIS WIFE, HIS WIFE, & HER LOVER - Why did it take me so long to watch this?
BRIGADOON - FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL just got that much funnier.

Blu-Rays/DVD’s I’ve Watched Before
THE BASKETBALL DIARIES - I wanted to get in a “playoff mood” – this was the best I could do.
BLADE RUNNER - Just cuz.
THE WOLF OF WALL STREETGuess whose wife didn’t like it?
THE PRODUCERS (2006) - I have discovered that “assume away” will always make me laugh.

Boxscore for The Year
79 First-Timers, 68 Re-Watched
19 Screenings
147 Movies in Total
How’s about you – seen anything good?