“Some people just want to see the world burn…”

It continues.

Three movies.
Three podcasters.
Three shows.

This instalment of the trilogy actually comes with a dose of bonus content. For starters, a fourth passenger gets into the car for this crazy roadtrip, as Brian and I are joined this time out by Fogs’ usual co-host, Chris Tanski. Beyond that, Fogs spent the last weekend in San Diego taking in Comic Con, so we kick off the show listening to his report on the sights and sounds of all things geek related…which is not at all off-topic for the matter at hand. We then fully dig in to THE DARK KNIGHT to expand upon things discussed in part one of this trilogy, and set up part three.

(If you want to skip past the SDCC talk and skip straight to THE DARK KNIGHT discussion, you can find it at the 49:49 mark of the audio track)

But enough chit-chat, part two of the trilogy can beĀ found here. Comments can be left at Fogs Movie Reviews, or below.