Gizmo Santa Hat



A Note From Ryan’s Desk…

Y’all have no idea how much holiday spirit courses through the veins of my favorite editor. I have to dig in to keep her from decorating the home in mid-October. Every car ride from November 1st onward is done to the sounds of Nat King Cole, Judy Garland, and Bing Crosby. 

Hell, the woman’s blood type might as well be sugarplum.

That love for Christmas runneth over into her film selection of course, so this time of year, our television almost constantly seems to be playing favorites like WHITE CHRISTMAS, ELF, and one of the two dozen different versions of A CHRISTMAS CAROL.

So it’s with tidings of great joy that she brought together her editing talents and her holiday spirit today and created a supercut of some of her favorite moments of Christmas on film.

So grab a handful of Christmas cookies, pour a little something into your coffee, and enjoy Lindsay’s video Christmas card to film lovers everywhere.